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Prospect tells you their bank gave them a better rate-Now what?

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blog2019I’ve had many, many discussions with clients over my 12-year tenure as a Business Coach about being bold and being confident when communicating with leads, past customers and potential referral partners. Asking for what you want,  asking tough questions and setting expectations are paramount to effectively winning people over and closing more deals.

Great case in point…

A client of mine in FL just told me that two weeks ago she took a call from a lady, prequalified her, then when she followed-up with her a few days later, the lady informed her that her bank who she had $500,000 with, gave her a rate of 4.75. Instead of throwing in the towel and letting this woman walk away due to a large difference in rate, my client professionally and candidly told her…

“I in no way can meet that rate, however, I will absolutely get you to the closing table on time, which the banks are notorious in missing closing dates AND I will be in constant contact with you, guiding you, taking your calls , emails and texts the whole way through which will not at all happen for you with your bank.”


My client told me that the lady paused and said, “You know what, you’re so right and I really like you, so let’s just move forward.”

And the moral of the story is…

Be confident, be bold, communicate the truth and never assume rate is everything to everybody.

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