Business Coach Victoria’s newest ebook, “Scriptopedia” is a colossal collection of mortgage sales scripts specifically crafted to help you drive more response, leverage opportunities and grow your business.

Over 50 custom sales scripts for ONLY $37.00

Scriptopedia eBook

What People Are Saying

“Coach Victoria’s scripts are the bomb! At first, it was hard for me to accept the fact that maybe somebody else’s language and tone could get better results, but I am so glad I got over it and simply started using her scripts. I have scored more Realtor meetings, achieved having more people show up to my events and been able to increase my referrals ALL by using her scripts.”

Carrie Aeschliman,
Ann Arbor, MI

What’s Inside?

  • Scripts for building new referral partner relationships
  • Scripts to gain referrals from customers and referral partners
  • Scripts to score a meeting with potential referral partners
  • Scripts to drive more RSVPs to events and presentations
  • Text scripts, email scripts, video scripts, voice broadcast scripts and so much more…

Over 50 scripts for under $40

This colossal script collection was crafted over a 10-year period, by Mortgage Business Coach, Victoria Fifield, each one meeting the specific and professional needs of her mortgage coaching clients, all tested, tried and true.