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Coach Victoria Fifield began her business coaching career in 2006 with Maximum Acceleration, the sister Company to Loan Toolbox, following years of experience in corporate America where she managed and trained for a variety of companies, including General Electric, Honeywell International and Medtronic, Inc.

Victoria has successfully coached hundreds of mortgage professionals whose needs have ranged from systems implementation, business plan development, team building and customer service platform improvements to accountability, time management and life balance concerns.

Why I love what I do

Coaching is a calling, a passion, a way of life. Each victory, each level you help another human being achieve, to me, is the most worthy contribution one can make in a lifetime. Through coaching, I help others and myself to live “on purpose” every day.

-Coach Victoria Fifield

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"I am so grateful to have found Victoria. Over the last year, she helped me to balance work and life, even while helping me to increase my income by more than 50%. She is sharp and open The knowledge that she shares and the resources available at her fingertips no matter what the question proved invaluable to me. Victoria provided counseling and an ear when it was needed and a kick in the butt when that was what I required. Somehow she knew when each was needed more!

I would recommend Victoria to anyone who is struggling to plan, to work their plan or who needs help in balancing life and the plan! You won't be disappointed!

Hiring Victoria as a coach was a great investment in me, my family and our future."

− Bridget McGee, Maryland Mortgage Mama at Corridor Mortgage Group, Inc NMLS#196068

"Like many others in the mortgage business in recent years, I was one of those that was burned out and in great need of motivation. Enter Victoria Del Frate! I hired her at the strong recommendation of a trusted colleague. Victoria is flat-out gifted at what she does. First off, she's likeable. That might sound petty, but she listens well, and I genuinely think she could be my friend. Second, she's intelligent. She understands the mortgage business enough to really "get" what is important and to focus on those things. Third, she keeps me focused on the big picture, while encouraging baby steps of accomplishment. She helps me work on what she calls "biz foundations", and I build upon those foundations in each coaching session. She's not just a cheerleader..... She helps me develop a very specific plan of action and supports me in those actions along the way.

I had been so hesitant to hire a business coach for so long, mainly because I didn't want accountability in my professional life. That now seems so silly! I am more motivated and more confident in my business than I've been in a very long time, and that is largely due to Victoria's coaching."

− Joey Hansen, Senior Loan Officer at GROUPMortgage, LLC

Author, Keynote Speaker and Mortgage Strategist

Victoria is also a prolific writer whose articles regularly appear in highly circulated mortgage magazines, such as Loan Officer Magazine and Mortage Women Magazine. She is also the author of, “Winging It, Won’t Work.“– the Mortgage Industry’s best-loved, self-guided, Business Planning eBook. In addition, Victoria posts weekly  business growth tips for her raving fan following on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Becoming a well-known Strategist in the mortgage industry, Victoria has built her coaching career around creative approaches to business development, strong accountability skills and ability to gain impressive, long-standing results from her mortgage coaching clients.

Coach Victoria has shared her unique mortgage business planning strategies as a key note speaker at such venues as: Supreme Lending’s mortgage sales rally in Birmingham, Alabama, annually at the Mortgage Girlfriends Mastermind Retreats in Arizona and Illinois, as well as, at several mortgage networking groups that meet around the country. Victoria was also recently selected as a, “Business Coach of Choice“ for top producers at Corridor Mortgage Group on the east coast and is also a regular guest speaker on Karen Deis‘ Mortgage Diva Sisterhood on-line training classes.