“I’d rate Victoria a 10+ without hesitation. She has developed a 60 day business plan for me that is tailored to my niches and kick-started me into action! I only wish that I had started using her services months ago!”-Pat C.


“Victoria is an extremely competent business coach for individuals in the mortgage industry. She will help you define your goals, keenly tune in on elements and insights that will help you achieve these goals, and put tools in place that will hold you accountable! I give Victoria my very highest recommendation, which is hard to come by”-Julie B.


“Having your coach enter your world is like inviting the critic back stage. Each component of my business (operations, management, marketing, organization, etc.) was analyzed.  I found myself with a clear path towards an attainable, manageable, yet powerful vision of the upcoming year that was truly customized to accentuate my personal business model.”-Brian K.


“I am so grateful to have found Victoria. Over the last year, she helped me to balance work and life, even while helping me to increase my income by more than 50%!”-Bridget M.

"Victoria is helping me to bring my vision to life. I had tried other coaching companies but with no real results. I have only been with her a short time but feel I have made great strides in my business."

− James Febbo, Retail Operations Partner Manager at TD - Evergreen

"One of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself is working with an incredible coach. Coach Victoria has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support. With her guidance, I have clarity in my purpose and a strategy that allows me to translate my vision into reality.

Victoria has helped me navigate the endless challenges we face in the mortgage industry, held me up when I am down and cheered me on through all of my successes! She has held me accountable, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself -- without reservation!

Victoria’s insights, training, and support have been invaluable. If you are looking to operate more efficiently and improve your profitability as you improve your quality of life, then Victoria is the Coach for you!less"

− Rebekah Radice, Chief Marketing Officer | Award Winning Writer | Content Marketing and Inbound Strategist

"Victoria has made a major impact on my business. She has helped me look at my business from the outside in, and determine where I am succeeding, and where I need improvement. Then, she helped me improve on my weaknesses and to take greater advantage of my natural abilities. As a result, my business is growing rapidly when the rest of my industry is barely staying alfoat."

− Michael Smalley, Florida Regional Manager, Mortgage Banker / Broker / Loan Officer at Waterstone Mortgage Corp.

"Victoria provides action items based on my goals, accountability, support. She celebrates my successes and doesn't let me off the hook. Her coaching is already making a difference in my bottom line."

− Sheila Smith, VP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate

"Victoria is a fantastic business coach. She and I work very well together. She helps me to push my self-inflicted limits and has aided me in creating attainable goals for 2012."

− Ryan Gillespie, Mortgage Loan Officer at Bremer Bank

"I highly recommend Victoria as a business coach to everyone looking to take their business and performance to the next level. She combines specific strategies with impeccable insight and vision to truly help clients maximize their productivity and ultimately lead them to greater success....."

− Kelly McGuinness, Branch Manager at PrimeLending NMLS #99282

"Victoria has already had a measurable effect on my business and income. She has helped me make some tough decisions and stay focused on what I really want and how to get it. I highly recommend her as a business coach for anybody in real estate or mortgages. She's the best!"

− Jill Hoogendyk, Sr Mortgage Consultant at Caliber Home Loans

"I have had the opportunity to utilize Victoria Del Frate’s coaching services recently and she is absolutely fabulous! On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate her a 10+ without hesitation. She has developed a 60 day business plan for me that is tailored to my niches and kick started me into action! I only wish that I had started using her services months ago!"

− Pat Cray, Mortgage Planner at PRMG, Inc. NMLS #262518

"Victoria is an amazing business coach. She understands how to hold me accountable and is supportive and encouraging at the same time. Her coaching style is very personalized. Victoria quickly got to know me and she is helping me reach my goals. She is kind and available and involved. I am already seeing positive results in my business as a result of working with her."

− Chari Goodman, Senior Loan Officer NMLS #424923

"Victoria has a very professionalism yet personal way of coaching that keeps us on track without falling into the personal chit chat that I've experienced with past coaches. Victoria is very positive, upbeat, focused & detailed; excellent attributes for a coach, and she is very good at coming up with creative marketing ideas that she's happy to brainstorm & share. Great coaching experience! "

− Michelle Wickett, MLO-62804 Branch Manager/Senior Loan Officer at Axia Home Loans

"Coach Victoria has been a life changer for me! My quality of life has increased 10 fold by having her as my coach! She truly produces results! I can't thank her enough for what she has done for me and my family! Thanks Victoria!"

− Valerie Diodati, Senior Loan Officer at Mortgage Network, Inc.