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20 Questions to Spice-Up your Realtor Interviews

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The following Realtor Interview Questions can create a double-WIN for you and bring big value to your Realtors.

First, schedule 30-minute coffee or cocktail meetings with your favorite 2-3 Realtors and ask them these questions and take note of their answers. Their responses will help you to gain insight about your Realtors that will strengthen your relationships and help you to uncover new ways to be a resource to your most important partnerships.

Second, gather the answers to these questions and use them to send out to other Agents in your database as a way to share knowledge/experience/wisdom to possibly help them avoid unnecessary pitfalls and gain success that much faster in the Real Estate arena.

Side Note: I had a client who actually recorded his interview with a top Agent and put it on CDs that he then sent out as a value-add to all of his Realtors, which was extremely well received.

I imagine doing these interviews via video, too, and uploading them to YouTube!

20 Questions to spice-up your Realtor Interviews

  1. Now that you’ve been a Realtor for “X” number of years, what were those things that you envisioned about getting into this business that have held true? What things have not held true?
  2. What has become tedious or energy-sapping for you in your Business?
  3. What has become the most rewarding and/or energizing aspect of your business?
  4. What was your first 6 months like in the business? What were you struggling to get your arms around? What challenges did you face?
  5. Did you ever have a time or a moment when you thought you’d get out of the business? What was going on at that time? What kept you holding firm?
  6. What is the most embarrassing encounter you’ve had as a Realtor? That one boo-boo you made that you wish you could erase from time.
  7. What were some of the things you were told to do to “make it” in this business when you first became a Realtor? What of those items turned out to be true and what did not pan out from that advice?
  8. What’s the most creative thing you’ve done to market yourself?
  9. What is one thing that you spent money on to further your business that you now wish you hadn’t invested in? What is one thing that you would spend that money on again and again?
  10. What was the most fun project you ever undertook as a Realtor to either market yourself, meet new prospects or further your personal growth?
  11. What habits are you still struggling to fully embrace that would help you to grow your business?
  12. What habits have you mastered that you are proud of that have helped you in your business?
  13. What special niches have you focused on? (i.e. Short sales, Senior focused special designation, company employee relocation, etc.) Did any one special niche work better for you than another?
  14. Who do you look to when you need to brainstorm, share ideas, get creative, etc.?
  15. Who have you looked up to in the business? Why do you think you look up to them? What is it that you wish you were doing that this person has done?
  16. Do you consider anyone a mentor to you?
  17. How have you invested in your own personal and/or business growth over the years?
  18. What resources do you use that are a must in your business in your estimation?
  19. If you had to start your business from scratch all over again, what would you do differently? What would you avoid? What would you have implemented sooner, etc.?
  20. What is your business vision? WHY do you do what you do every single day? What is driving you or motivating you to press on?

Top 5 Drivers to Being More Efficient in your Mortgage Business

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Wondering why you can’t seem to experience more productive and less chaotic work days?

In interviewing hundreds of Mortgage Professionals from all over the country, from 2-year newbies to 30+ year vets, I’ve discovered that the majority of the chaos experienced stems from not having one, if not all, of the following 5 efficiency drivers in place in one’s business:

  1. Utilizing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System).
  2. Following a specified workflow process (Perfect Loan Process).
  3. Planning out the work day ahead of time (Time management, time-blocking, to-do/task lists)
  4. Embracing technology to make my work life easier. (web-based calendars, cloud storage, Google docs, social media, video, voice broadcast,, mass texting, etc.)
  5. Delegating low pay-off activities (Virtual Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Personal Assistant)