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Creative Agenda Ideas for Networking Groups

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Pull some of these creative, purposeful and fun ideas into that tired Agenda and get your networking group re-inspired and motivated to grow the group.networkingagenda

Adopt a Book-What’s one thing that has really resonated with you so far in what you’ve read of this book…how do you think you can apply the lesson in your business life?

Declare your Goal-Everyone states one, specific goal, no matter how tiny or big to tackle for that particular week, then report the next week in one minute or less about success or challenge of implementing that one goal and how they can solve or breakthrough any challenges they may have experienced.

Win for the Week-What one thing made you feel good about your business this week-State out loud in one minute or less.

Tool Time-Everyone shares one time savings tip, marketing tool or gizmo, website tool, iphone app, social media tool, anything that you felt was cool for your business that you learned about (This could be something that occurs the 3rd meeting of every month)

Marketing Mastery-Once a month someone is selected to showcase something they did that month to market themselves, bring in examples, show on their laptop, talk about how they implemented it, what was easy, what posed a challenge.

Change of Venue-Once a month, vote on a different venue to hold the meeting-museum, park, library, coffee house, restaurant, pastry shop, someone else’s office. A change of scene can spark creativity.