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2021-What’s Your Vision of How your Business Thrives?

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bizvision2021Nothing is more critical to your success than having a vision in mind of what that success looks like and feels like. Without a vision, you will find yourself looped in reactive behaviors, projects that start and stop, and frequent feelings of being unmotivated and disconnected. Incorporating a vision statement with your business plan or goal list that you revisit and read on a monthly basis will give you the fuel you need when challenges or set-backs arise. PLUS, it is always a thrill at the end of the year, to see just how much of your vision statement came to life. I love to hear the astonishment in my clients’ voices when they share the victories that sprang from the pages of their annual vision statements.

Paint a picture for yourself. Put yourself in the future, at the end of 2021 and visualize that you are celebrating all that you have accomplished. Describe what it’s like to be in your shoes today. Use present tense as if you have already achieved the goals and are living “the vision.”

Answer the questions below by starting with those to which you have an immediate, positive reaction. Go back and string your answers together and develop a cohesive story line.

  1. Where and how did I give my customers that unforgettable “power moment?” Meaning, what did I do during or after the transaction that I know made me even more memorable?
  2. What changed about my own processes and habits that gave me more time & space in which to focus on increasing my business?
  3. How did I regularly reward myself for a job well done?
  4. What tools, systems and/or habits did I successfully implement to expand my Marketing?
  5. In the next three years, what would excite me about my career in mortgages? What do I feel I still have yet to achieve, become or do?
  6. What tasks, both professionally and personally, did I finally give up that were weighing me down?
  7. What steps did I take to ensure my financial security for the future? What did I learn about financial security in terms of how to make it a constant in my life?
  8. What were the three best gifts I gave myself in 2021?
  9. What do my post mortgage years look like? What might I be doing when I’m not in Mortgages any longer? Do I have any secret desires to learn more about something? Do I have a hobby that I’ve always wanted to delve into? Are there any challenges I’d like to face and overcome before the next phase of my life?
  10. What will I tell my children/grandbabies/close friends about what it takes to succeed in life?