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Goals Eluding You? Give Yourself Some Grace!

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graceGiving yourself Grace is not about giving yourself excuses. Excuses are external, verbal creations that are given to people you believe hold expectations of you. Excuses are mired in guilt and many times an unspoken desire to pass-off responsibility.

Grace is personal and steeped in forgiveness and new solutions. Giving yourself Grace when your goals seem to be eluding you will help you to push past the hard times and make it to the finish line.

Is there a formula for practicing Grace? I’m glad that you asked. My personal formula for practicing Grace is: G=R3, or Grace= (Recall) x (Reaffirm) x (Recommit).

The first step is to Recall all that you have accomplished in the past and to imagine the lift of good feelings and rush of endorphins that accompanied those wins.

Next, it’s very important that you Reaffirm who you know yourself to be at your very best. If you’ve got your list of positive affirmations, read them. If not, write a new set of 10 positive affirmations immediately.

Finally, Recommit to those goals, visions and/or aspirations that you feel passionate about. If you’ve lost the fire for one goal or the other, examine why that might be. Is fear holding you back? If it is, it’s likely a very worthwhile goal that needs to be broken down into smaller steps.

If you feel a sense of boredom or simple disinterest, scrap-it from the plan and move on.

All great accomplishments start internally, as a seed of thought in the mind. The goals that we set are the first promises we make to ourselves to bring those thoughts into action.

If along the way we become derailed, or some of our goals seem to elude us, all we ever need do is to Recall, Reaffirm and Recommit, thereby summoning the blessings of Grace.