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Do You Manage Loan Officers in Need of a Boost?

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helpupHave a few of your loan officers fallen off the track in terms of their sales, engagement and activity? Try pulling them back on course by offering to act as a power production facilitator. Every sales person needs a boost now and again. Be the type of leader willing to provide structure, ideas, the space and time to help others to help themselves.
Here’s an example of how to immediately kick-start and facilitate a successful Power Production Group:
Invite your select loan officers-Send out a recurring meeting invite to meet twice a month for a period of 6 months. Express in your email invite that you feel they are on the cusp of greatness and you want to help push them over that edge and unearth solutions for what may be holding them back from hitting their goals.
Communicate expectations- Each loan officer who agrees to participate in the Power Production Group will NOT focus on excuses, frustrations & complaints, but rather they will focus on solutions, accountability, sharing, possibility and opportunity.
Ask for commitment-Agree to become a part of this group ONLY if you can commit to the meetings, leave your frustrations/excuses at the door and be open and willing to exchange ideas and try something new.
Share your agenda-The agenda should include, but does not have to be limited to the following: brainstorming networking strategies, sales strategies, building referral relationships and marketing ideas, follow-up strategies & scripts, hands-on training for tools & technology, time management best practices and organizational tips, product & industry knowledge.