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Six Pointers for Powerful Presentations

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speakingpicBe Confident in your Content-Hot topics like Facebook for Business and Time Management are GREAT…IF, the content you plan on delivering is personalized to your skill, knowledge & experience level. There’s nothing more disengaging for listeners than when they sense someone dancing around the details or a lack of real-world experience.

Inspire ACTION-Write down what you want your audience to do differently or think differently as a result of your presentation. Every presentation whether it be a brief 15 minute Realtor office sales meeting or a ½ day C.E. presentation should be tied to specific goals.

Never, “wing it!”-Write down your presentation so that you are polished and prepared. Your audience knows when you’re speaking off the cuff. Main points and story lead-ins can be jotted down on 3×5 cards to help you stay on track. Never read your presentation or inundate your audience with an overabundance of PowerPoint slides.

First 60 Seconds of Story Time-The best of the best speakers engage us in the first 60 seconds with a story, a case study example, “a funny thing happened on the way to this event” opener, a little known fact, personal foible or victory statement, etc. This approach instantly relaxes the audience by kicking things off in a casual, personal voice, rather than a formal, instructional voice.

Eliminate “Uhms” and “Ahs”-The root of all such transitional, “thought hiccups” is uncertainly. The only way to combat this is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Get a friend of family member to allow you to give your presentation to them so you get used to having eyes on you while you are standing and speaking. If no one is available, then speak into a mirror, into your own eyes.

Examples Leave Impressions-Be sure to share as many examples and personal stories as possible with your audience. People connect with lessons learned, times of vulnerability, overcoming fears, and examples of victories achieved. Your audience will recall the feelings associated with your presentation even more-so than your words.