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Win the Day, Win the Week!

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Neuroscience has uncovered that the simple act of thinking, IS an act of creation.

If you’re not up on your neuroscience reading then perhaps you are familiar with those principles found in such books as, “The Secret,” “Think and Grow Rich,” “As a Man Thinketh,” or  “The Power of Positive Thinking”… and the list goes on and on.

Either way, the point is, in order to create a successful week, we must first become conscious of our daily actions and thoughts, and focus our attention on the victories, no matter how small they might seem.

By taking notice of these, “victory gems” and shining them up with our thoughts, rather than scoffing at them or ignoring them entirely, we can actually create more victories and enjoy winning EVERY week.

Stuck in a Mental Rut?

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Need to re-wire your brain? Try these easy and effective mindset changers and get out of the mental rut you’re stuck in.

-Choose a mindset book that moves you (I loved, Get Out of Your Own Way by Robert K. Cooper)

-Write & read positive affirmations daily.

-Work ON your business, not IN your business, at least once a month.

-Stop watching the news.

-Get rid of, “analysis paralysis” and just do it!

-EXERCISE-even just a little bit.

Pick one or do a little bit of all six ideas. It’s a start and a start is all we need to begin to gain the change we envision.