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Realtors too Busy to Meet? Here are 3 Awesome Alternative Ways to Stay in Front of Them!

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topofmindawarenessIf you didn’t manage to schedule all of your face to face meetings with your Realtors during the Fall and Winter season and you’re trying to cram them all in now, you may be experiencing some frustrations due to the simple fact that NOW, more listings are cropping up and most of your Realtors are too busy to meet.

If you think the solution is to up your email drip campaign frequencies to remain, “top of mind” I can assure you, you’re in for more frustration as the open-rate is likely going to plummet, which should not be taken as a sign that your Realtors have strayed, BUT the non-responsiveness can deflate your ego and confidence and who really needs that?

So, my advice is not to fall prey to this knee-jerk reaction and begin blowing-up your Realtors’ email inboxes, but instead get creative about how you’re going to remain a strong presence rather than a nuisance throughout your Realtors’ busy season.

Here are three fabulous ways to get your Realtors’ attention WITHOUT the possibility of an opt-out!

  1. Yelp your Help-More and more Realtors are utilizing Yelp’s services to capture client testimonials, expand their brand and gain leads. Visit their Yelp profile and provide them with a testimonial. You can also peruse all of their current testimonials and click on one of the three web buttons available labeled, “Useful,” “Funny,” or “Cool.” Of course, your Realtors will be alerted to these activities and you become instantly, “top of mind.”
  2. Get in the Game-Offer to co-sit your Realtors’ Open Houses to help answer financial questions should any arise, help put out signs, bring waters, or balloons or other helpful goodies, pass out open house flyers to the neighbors and invite them to visit the Open House, pick up the slack when your Realtor becomes overwhelmed by visitors, encourage visitors to sign the sign-in sheet or simply make small talk and collect useful intel to share later with your Realtors. Even if you only have an hour to spare, even if you can only do 1-2 a month, nothing builds stronger bonds than being a true team player.
  3. “Like” ‘em A LOT-Become your Realtors’ biggest fan on Facebook. Many Realtors use Facebook to promote their listings, showcase their expertise and their open houses with video, advertise home buyer seminars and post pictures of happy home buyers. Support their efforts by posting positive comments. “Like,” “Love” or “Wow” their posts. Share their informative and educational tips and if their page allows, post pictures of neighborhood characteristics, nearby schools or shops, bike paths, parks, etc. that would help support the listings that they are promoting on their page. P.S. You don’t have to be a freelance photographer, simply use Google Image to locate these pictures.

What My Clients Have Taught Me About Becoming Successful

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cropped-address-bar-victoria-fifield.pngToday, I am grateful, humbled and more excited than ever as I celebrate my 10 year anniversary as the mortgage industry’s #1 Business Coach!

Of course, nobody succeeds alone and I have to thank all of my faithful, dedicated and goal-focused clients, both past and present who put their careers in my hands to help them visualize, plan and execute business growth initiatives that have taken them to the next level.

Being witness to the enormous changes my clients experience on the road to becoming the best versions of themselves in their business and personal lives continues to drive me every day to sharpen my own coaching methods and skills, stay abreast of marketing and sales trends, new technologies and track what Loan Officers are implementing in their businesses that is gaining a return on investment and what is not!

As a Coach you learn some extremely important skills, such as: the art of listening, knowing when to push and how to push, applying accountability tools and tactics that elicit positive action, asking questions that help your clients uncover their own solutions, how to create wins, leverage opportunities and how to encourage people to move past fear, anxiety and perfectionism.

Here is what my clients have proven to me time and time again about becoming successful…

  1. Nobody succeeds alone. What most business professionals lack the most is a trusted advisor, someone invested in their success, who unwaveringly stands in a place of hope and possibility for them when they feel like tapping out.
  2. ACTION secures results. Trying to predict the outcomes, over-analyzing and getting stuck in assumptions stymies the growth process. The old quote still stands 100% true, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”- Henry David Thoreau
  3. Discipline defines success. Sticking to a plan of action, embracing time management principles, doing what we set out to do even when we rather be in bed reading a good book ALL boils down to self-discipline. You either choose to be disciplined or you choose not to be disciplined. It’s the biggest choice to how your life will play-out.
  4. Never count yourself out. Whatever errors, mishaps, misfortunes, missed opportunities, failures, embarrassments, etc., have befallen you, DO NOT define you! The human spirit is unimaginably powerful. Our ability to change and grow stays with us forever. I have been witness to people who have lost everything, who have suffered from various health conditions, have been challenged by legal issues, who have left this industry, come back, left again and re-entered, struggled with lack of confidence, lack of experience and then watched as they changed and dug their way out of the mess and confusion to become some of the most successful individuals in this industry.

Ten years of coaching mortgage professionals as a full-time career has gifted me with the unwavering faith that success and happiness and fulfillment are always achievable no matter where you start from!

THANK YOU for these ten years and the many more to come.

An Exercise in Striking Out Fear

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What if you were told by an ancient oracle that you would become the wealthiest, healthiest and happiest person in the world, but you first had to fail at least 10,000 times before achieving these states?

Would you allow failure into your life, then? Might you be eager to attempt all that you fear the most in order to live the life that you envision?

What if I told you that ancient oracle actually lives within you, not outside of you, and that the mantras you repeat in your mind every day wield enough power to make whatever it is that you are focusing on an absolute reality?

The following are words from incredibly inspiring people who realized that failure is not to be feared but simply accepted as a stepping stone to greatness:

“Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much napoleonhill

temporary defeat and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a

man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is quit. And that is exactly

what the majority of men and women do.” – Napoleon Hill

briantracey“Everyone faces difficulties every step of the way. The difference

between high achievers and low achievers is simply that high achievers

utilize adversity and struggles for growth, while low achievers allow

difficulties and adversity to overwhelm them and leave them discouraged

and dejected.” –Brian Tracy

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”RobertFKennedy

-Robert F. Kennedy

What do you feel that you have failed at in your life up to this point? Looking back on the situation now, can you discover at least one success that was born from what seemed like a loss at the time?

What characteristics did you display? What did you learn and how did you grow from this experience?

Take about 15 minutes to really think about this. Meditate on how you felt at the time in the face of what you believed was a failure and then move your thoughts to how you feel right now. Can you see that this was simply a stepping stone in your life?

Take out a journal and write down everything that you have been fearing to fail. Your list might look something like this:

  1. I am fearful of speaking in front of a large audience.
  2. I am fearful of developing referral relationships.
  3. I am fearful of not appearing knowledgeable in my industry.

Once you feel that you have released every fear from your mind, go back and strike out the fear and write one small step that you could be excited about taking that would bring you closer to moving beyond the fear. For example:

I am fearful of speaking in front of a large audience. I am excited to take my presentation home and invite two friends over to be my audience.

Commit each month to achieving these small steps and then journaling to discover what each stepping stone on your path looks like for the next month and the next. Before you know it, this accumulation of small victories will bring you to your ultimate goal.