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Train Your Brain to WIN!

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brainpicIt always intrigues me when I ask a new client during their first couple of coaching sessions, “So, what were your biggest wins this past week?” and the response, nine times out of ten, is, “I don’t know, I can’t remember.”

Where did forty or fifty or more hours of experiences go? What invisible memory vortex is sucking away all of our victories, accomplishments and triumphs?

Think about your days unfolding like a sinuous sine wave.  As our day is ticking by, as we take action, make choices, impact others, even as we sit and think, we are experiencing highs and lows.  We are always either peaking or descending. Just as it’s impossible not to have lows, problems or challenges in our lives, it’s also impossible not to have highs, wins and victories.

These events may seem like they occur sporadically or that you have no control over how frequently they spotlight your life, but the truth is that we are always riding that sine wave, every moment of every day.

So, here’s the GREAT news…it really IS possible to win every single week, you just need to train your brain.

Neuroscience has uncovered that the simple act of thinking is an act of creation. And, if you’re not up on your neuroscience reading, then perhaps you are familiar with those principles found in such books as, The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, As a Man Thinketh, The Power of Positive Thinking, and the list goes on and on.  Either way, the point is, in order to know and feel that we have won every week, we must first become conscious of our daily actions and thoughts, and focus our attention on every victory, no matter how small they might seem.

By taking notice of these gems on a daily basis and shining them up with our thoughts, rather than scoffing at them or ignoring them entirely, we train our brains to create more victories and gain more production and growth from our weeks.

To help with your efforts to re-train your brain and win MORE in 2021, here are some immediate actions you can take that will give you a, “brain cleanse” so to speak and get you on a fast track. You may want to write these out and put them on your computer or better yet, as a background picture on your cell phone.

  • Significantly reduce the amount of news I watch or read
  • Remove all, “Friends” from FB who have a tendency to spout negativity
  • Move my body into action for at least 30min. every day
  • Verbalize my thanks and compliment others as often as possible
  • Cut down on my cuss words
  • Share my joys not my fears with others