Let’s Take a Closer Look at How BIG Change REALLY Happens…

takealookLooking for big change, a shift, a break, a “Hell Yeah” or a “Halleluja” to come your way this year?

It’s not unusual to launch into a New Year hoping for these things to occur in our business lives. A lot of us will spend a good amount of time researching new marketing spins, the latest trends in social media and systems that we hope will make the BIG difference.

Not that these endeavors aren’t worth the time, BUT the biggest change that must occur in your business this year in order to rise up from your current plateau, will stem from the inside, not from something you purchase or determine to implement.

You want big change in your business? You must change, first!

Here’s what you may be faced with changing:

Your attitude-Do people call you for advice? Do people share their good news, victories and celebrations with you? Do you share ideas openly? Do you listen more than you talk? Do people refer you? Do people smile at you? What type of people (other than your family) do you spend the majority of your time with…what’s their attitude?

Your excuses-Is it your lack of time that keeps you from getting things done? Is it the fact that you don’t have an Assistant that keeps you from doing more? Is lack of money the reason you’re not growing? Are you not the right shape, not from the right area, didn’t graduate from the right school or too old/too young to get more business? Are your kids, spouse, friends, co-workers, Management and the dog at the root of why you can’t work on your goals?

Your willingness-Do you stop short of stepping outside your comfort zone? Do you shy away from tackling new opportunities? Have you learned anything new lately? Do you give, first? Do you refrain from asking for referrals? When is the last time you did something that you were very afraid of trying?

Your expectations-Do people take advantage of your time? Are everyone else’s procrastinations taken on as your emergencies? Do you over promise and under deliver? Do you hold your team accountable? Do you regularly communicate your expectations to your team, customers, referral partners, vendors, etc.?

Your discipline-Do you squander time? Do you have a plan? Do you complete your tasks? Do you show up when you say you’re going to show up? Do you plan out your day ahead of time? Do you stick to your goals? Do your stick to routines? Do you stay up too late, eat poorly, drink too much, lack exercise or live in the past?

Each person’s interpretation of the questions above will no doubt be different. Take a moment to jot down your thoughts about yourself in relation to these 5 game changers then ask someone who you trust and knows you well to write down their observations of you and compare notes. (Critical tip: thank your willing participant, do not compare notes together, do not defend yourself or question their comments the next time you see them).

“Your Reality Is a Reflection of What You Believe You Deserve”-Tova Payne